Let our system do the work.

It’s everything you need to find the best solution for your freight. Our system simplifies the freight processes, by allowing you to get better insights into your operations. We offer an own branded freight management system in which you can manage your team and your customers.

Keep it simple

Our in the cloud software is built to make complex processes simple. This is our online as well as offline approach. So don’t expect corporate suits with an expensive implementation plan

Transparent pricing

IT companies tend to offer all kinds of packages with different price models. With MyFreight, you only pay one monthly fee and have all features. No hidden costs, no lock-in contracts

All-in-one solution

We offer a broad range of cost-effective shipping solutions all in one system. Our platform will be your control tower to manage all your operational tasks, from quotations to invoicing

Be as good online as you are offline.

Let your team focus on getting your shipments from A to B, while we make sure you’ll always have the best in class software. MyFreight provides you an integrated operational system that gives all your departments- including sales, operations, customs and finance- powerful tools to automate routine workflows.


Sending quotes was never so easy. To save time for your team, our software automates the whole process. One push on the button and you can send out numerous quotes


Want a fast and reliable booking process? Say goodbye to calling and emailing back and forth. We've got direct connections with the carriers. Even your customers will be updated immediately


Work smarter! Create and manage your teams online. Set up rules of automation to create a seamless flow of information across processes. Let our software do the work of managing workloads in today's dynamic environment

Rate management

It's time to put and end to the endless hours spent in Excel sheets. Just add your complex rate structures and manage your worldwide shipping costs. All comparable and easily selected in your quotations


Our software simplifies your daily tasks, so you have more time to focus on your customers' needs. From B/L instructions, printing shipping documents to final invoicing, we've got you covered


No extra software needed! Manage all your import, export and transit declarations. Our technology platform is directly connected to the Dutch customs authorities. Our approach will accelerate the speed and accuracy of your customs clearance process


Easily plug emerging technologies into your business and accelerate revenue growth. Our software improves the quality and speed of interactions between you and your carriers, ports and trucking companies